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Vasectomy reversal is performed to reverse a vasectomy procedure. It reconnects vas deferens which carries sperm fromtesticles into semen. Post vasectomy reversal, sperms are again present in the semen and your partner may get pregnant if done successfully.
Pregnancy rates post reversal usually ranges between 30 to 90%. There are several factors which affect whether a vasectomy reversal is successful in achieving pregnancy.
Vasectomy reversal is more complex procedure as compared to vasectomy and need best sexologist / andrologist with specialized skillset and expertise.


Our specialists will check your semen periodically. Checking semen for sperm is best way to identify if surgery is successful or not and partner is pregnant.
Sperm appears in semen within few weeks or it might take a bit longer as well. Chances of pregnancy depends on factors viz, quality and number of sperms present and female partners age.