Urethral Strictures Treatment Overview

The main purpose of the urethra is to pass urine outside the body and this tube has an important role in ejaculation. A urethral stricture happens if there is scarring or narrowing of the tube that carries urine outside of the body.

Urethral Stricture Symptoms

  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Difficulty or pain while passing urine
  • Spraying of the urine stream
  • Decreased urine stream
  • The increased urge of urination
  • Frequent urination

Urethral Stricture Causes

  • Any previous surgery where an instrument (Endoscope) was used into the urethra
  • Any injury or trauma in the urethra or pelvis
  • Prostate cancer or urethra cancer
  • STD ( Sexually Transmitted diseases)
  • Cancer therapy ( Radiation therapy )
  • Long term use of a catheter
  • Any previous surgery for enlarged prostate

Urethral Stricture Diagnosis

  • Ultrasound KUB.
  • Uroflowmetry test
  • Complete urine analysis
  • MRI Pelvis
  • RGU / MCU to rule out length and location of urethral stricture
  • Cystoscopy ( CPE ) – To rule out urethra and bladder using a cystoscope.

Urethral Stricture Treatment


This procedure is done in the outpatient department and the Urologist inserts a small fine wire through the urethra and into the bladder to dilate the urethral opening.


This is usually the ideal and first choice to treat urine blockages, where a catheter is inserted into your bladder and urine is drained For small and short strictures, your Urologist might recommend you and train you for self-catheterization.

Laser Urethrotomy

In this procedure, the stricture is removed and vaporized with the laser. This approach has faster recovery, with a minimum scar and fewer chances of skin infection. Though in few cases, recurrence is seen.


Urethroplasty is the ideal choice of treatment for Urologists to treat uretheral strictures because if done in the early stages and at the right time, helps spares the patient to undergo several episodes of endoscopic urethrotomy in case uretheral stricture recurs.

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