Terms & Conditions

Diyos Hospital is the creator and distributor of the web asset Diyoshospital.com and its subspaces remembering for the internet just as other associated applications gave by Diyos.

The agreement applies to you whether you are or A user of the website (“you” or “user”).

This agreement applies to all administrations made accessible by Diyos on the website.

The services may change every once in a while, at the sole carefulness of Diyos, and the agreement will apply to your visit to and your utilization of the website to benefit the service, just as to all data given by you on the website at some random point in time.

This agreement characterizes the terms and conditions under which you are permitted to utilize the website and depict the way where we will treat your record while you are enlisted as a part with us. In the event that you have any inquiries regarding any aspect of the agreement, don’t hesitate to reach us at info@Diyoshospital.com.

You should peruse the agreement at customary stretches. Your utilization of the website following any such change comprises your consent to follow and be limited by the agreement so altered. Any extra terms and conditions, disclaimers, protection arrangements, and different approaches pertinent by and large or potentially to explicit zones of this website or to specific Service are additionally considered as a component of the agreement.

You recognize that you will be limited by this agreement for benefiting any of the services offered by us. On the off chance that you disagree with any aspect of the agreement, kindly don’t utilize the website or benefit any services.                       

 Conditions of Use:                      

You should be 18 years old or more established to enlist, utilize the services, or visit or utilize the website in any way. By enlisting, visiting, and utilizing the website or tolerating this agreement, you speak to and warrant to Diyos that you are 18 years old or more established and that you have the right, authority, and ability to utilize the website and the services accessible through the website, and consent to and comply with this agreement.

End-User Account and Data Privacy:

The expressions “individual data” and “delicate individual information or data” are characterized under the SPI Rules, and are duplicated in the Privacy Policy.

Diyoshospital  may by the services, gather data identifying with the gadgets through which you access the website, area from which you access, and unknown information of your utilization. The gathered data will be utilized distinctly for improving the nature of the services and to fabricate new administrations.

The website permits Diyos to approach Users’ own email or telephone number, with the end goal of correspondence and examination.

The Privacy Policy sets out:

  • The kind of data gathered from Users, including delicate individual information or data;
  • The reason, means, and methods of utilization of such data;
  • How and to whom Diyos will unveil such data; and,
  • Other data ordered by the SPI Rules.

The User is required to peruse and comprehend the Privacy Policy, in order to guarantee that the individual in question has the information on:  

  • The way that specific data is being gathered;
  • The reason for which the data is being gathered;
  • The expected beneficiaries of the data;
  • The idea of assortment and maintenance of the data; and
  • The different rights accessible to such Users in regard to such data.

The User is answerable for keeping up the classification of the User’s record access data and secret word if the User is enrolled on the website. The User will be liable for all use of the User’s record and secret phrase, regardless of whether approved by the User.

In the event that a User gives any data that is false, off base, not current or deficient (or gets false, off base, not current or inadequate), or Diyos has sensible grounds to speculate that such data is false, erroneous, not current or fragmented, Diyos has the privilege to cease the services to the User at its sole tact.

Diyos may now or later offer Types of assistance where you might have the option to speak with Diyos, its approved delegates, its primary care physicians, by means of online visits, instant messages, video calls, or voice calls. At the point when you pick this choice, the records of such discussions, calls, or trades might be recorded and put away in Diyos’s workers. Such records are managed distinctly as per the details of the Privacy Policy.

You might be given an individual well-being record office to include, adjust, erase, and deal with your wellbeing related records and data.

The precision, sufficiency, dependability, and risk of any Patient-made data produced or made by a User is the sole obligation of the User. You completely repay and hold innocuous Diyos as for any mistakes, deficiency, blunder, misfortune, issue, risk, or some other issue emerging out of any Patient-made data entered or got to by the You or for your benefit on the website.

Listing Content and Disseminating Information:

Diyos gathers, legitimately or in a roundabout way, and presentations on the website, applicable data with respect to the profile and practice of the Practitioners recorded on the website, for example, their specialization, capability, expenses, area, visiting hours, and comparative subtleties. Diyos takes sensible endeavors to guarantee that such data is refreshed at incessant spans. Diyos can’t be held subject to any errors or deficiency spoke to from it, notwithstanding such sensible endeavors.

The services gave by Diyos are given on a “with no guarantees” and “as accessible’ premise, and with no guarantees or conditions (express or suggested, including the inferred guarantees of merchantability, exactness, qualification for a specific reason, title, and non-encroachment, emerging by resolution or in any case in law or from a course of managing or utilization or exchange).

Diyos doesn’t give or make any portrayal, guarantee or assurance, express or suggested about the website or the services. Diyos doesn’t ensure the exactness or fulfillment of any substance or data given by Users on the website.

To the furthest reaches allowed by law, Diyos repudiate all risk emerging out of the User’s utilization or dependence upon the website, the services, portrayals, and guarantees made by different Users, the substance or data gave by the Users on the website, or any conclusion or recommendation given or communicated by Diyos or any User according to any User or administrations gave by such User.

Booking Appointments, Diagnostic Tests, Ordering Medicines, And Interaction with Medical Service Providers

While Diyos will attempt to guarantee an affirmed meeting with a clinical specialist organization (like specialist or symptomatic lab) for a User who mentioned an arrangement on the website, Diyos doesn’t ensure that the User will get an affirmed arrangement. Further, we have no risk if such an arrangement is affirmed however later dropped, deferred, or rescheduled by the emergency clinic or clinical specialist organization, or the clinical specialist organization is not accessible according to the given arrangement time.

Diyos may offer some benefits including administrations that associate Users legitimately to the clinical specialist organizations through video call, voice call, instant message, online talk, or other electronic methods and the data traded between the User and the clinical specialist co-op is put away and utilized as per the Privacy Policy. In any case, it is at the circumspection of the User, to profit such Service in the event that it is accessible.

You comprehend and concur that any connections and related issues with different Users including however not restricted to your medical problems and your encounters is carefully among you and different Users. You will not consider Diyos answerable for any such corporations and related issues and Diyos won’t be considered mindful or at risk for the equivalent.

Without bias to the consensus of the above mentioned, Diyos won’t be subject for

  • Any off-base prescription or therapy quality being given by the doctor(s), analytic assistance provider(s), pharmacy(s), or any clinical carelessness on part of the any of the above mentioned;
  • Any sort of burden endured by the User because of a disappointment with respect to the clinical specialist organization including specialist to make himself/herself accessible at the delegated time, no show by the specialist, improper treatment, or comparative challenges;
  • Abrogation or rescheduling of booked arrangement or any fluctuation in the expenses charged;
  • Any clinical projections that may happen to ensue to utilizing the administrations of a specialist, demonstrative lab administrations, drug store, whom the User has chosen based on the data accessible on the website or with whom the User has booked an arrangement or played out an exchange through the website.

Further, Diyos will not be obligated, under any occasion, for any remarks or criticism given by any of the Users corresponding to the administrations given by another User. All such input ought to be made as per the appropriate law.

Online Payment on Website:

The website gives you the capacity to pay online through an outsider installment entryway for a portion of the services accessible on the website.

In the event that you decide to pay on the web, you might be coordinated to an outsider installment door to empower the preparation of the installment. This exchange will be administered by the terms and conditions and protection strategy of the outsider installment door.

Diyos will not be subject (an) if an exchange doesn’t fructify or may not be finished or (b) for any disappointment on part of the bank or the Mastercard or the outsider site or organization to play out any of its commitments or (c) in regard of any misfortune or harm emerging straightforwardly or in a roundabout way emerging out of the decay or acknowledgment of approval for any exchange, in any way, shape or form. 

Abrogation and Refund Policy:

The abrogation and discount strategy is just appropriate to all online installments made through portable applications and sites for booking arrangements.

In the event that undoing is inception by end-user Before Schedule Appointment, Time-100% of Consultation Fees will be discounted. Nonetheless, kindly note that comfort charges won’t be discounted.

After Scheduled Appointment, Time-neither Consultation Fees nor Convenience Fees will be discounted.

Ownership and Copyright Conditions of User Access:

The substances recorded on the website are User-created content, or Have a place with Diyos.

The data that is gathered by Diyos legitimately or in a roundabout way from the Users will have a place with Diyos. Duplicating the copyrighted substance distributed by Diyos on the website for any business reason or to acquire benefit will be an infringement of copyright and Diyos save their privileges to make a move under material law in like manner.

Diyos approves the User to view and access the substance accessible on or from the website exclusively for requesting, accepting, conveying, sharing, putting away, and imparting just according to this agreement.

The substance of the website, data, text, illustrations, pictures, logos, button symbols, programming code, plan, and the assortment, course of action and get together of substance on the website (by and large, “Diyos Content”), are the property of Diyos and are secured under copyright, brand name, and other appropriate laws.


Diyos claims all authority to suspend or end a User’s admittance to the website and the services with or without notice and to practice whatever other cure accessible under the law where:

  • Such User breaks any terms and states of the agreement
  • An outsider reports infringement of any of its privilege because of your utilization of the services
  • Diyos can’t check or verify any data give to Diyos by a User
  • Diyos has a sensible reason for suspecting any unlawful, fake, or harsh action on part of such User
  • Diyos has confidence in its sole prudence that User’s activities may cause legitimate risk for such Users, different Users or for Diyos in opposition to the interests of the website


User consents to reimburse and hold innocuous Diyos, its subsidiaries, officials, chiefs, workers, specialists, licensors, operators, delegates, from any outsider cases, misfortunes, risk, harms, as well as costs (counting sensible lawyer expenses and expenses) emerging from User’s admittance to or utilization of Service, infringement of this agreement, or encroachment, or encroachment by some other User of his/her/its record, of any protected innovation or other rights of any individual or substance.

Diyos will inform you speedily of any such case, misfortune, risk, or request, and notwithstanding your previous commitments, you consent to give us sensible help, to your detriment, in shielding any such case, misfortune, obligation, harm, or cost.

Applicable Law and Dispute Settlement:

You concur that this agreement and any legally binding commitment between the Company and User will be administered by the laws of India.

Subject to the above Paragraph over, the courts at Delhi will have selective purview over any questions emerging out of or corresponding to this agreement, your utilization of the website or the services, or the data to which it gives access.