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Sports injury can happen to anyone while doing exercises or playing some sort of sport. One is more prone to injury if proper warm up is done before exercise or one is not active regularly in sports. Contact sports such as hockey, football, rugby have more chances of injury.


  1. Knee injury : Knee injury happens if there is a overstretching or tear in knee muscles or tissue.
  2. Swollen muscles : Swollen muscles are normally weak and have acute pain. Swelling happen in all sorts of injury.
  3. Strain: Strain happens with tearing of muscle tendons or stretching. Tendon connects bone and muscles.
  4. Dislocation : Dislocation of bones happens as part of sports injury. Bone is forced out of socket and creates pain and swelling.
  5. Rotator cuff injury: Role of rotator cuff is to move shoulder in all directions and any tear in any of four muscles in shoulder weakens the part. Heavy and unbalanced workouts and falls could lead to rotator cuff injuries.


Line of treatment in any sports injury is to rest down, use ice compressions regularly in first 24 hours and elevate the part of injury. This way we can reduce swelling and pain in early days of injury. Oral medications and sprays helps in pain relieving and swelling/inflammation.

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