Shoulder Replacement Surgery / Treatment Overview

Shoulder pain is among the most annoying pains in the body. The rotator cuff (group of muscles) around the shoulder make it a more complex joint. Shoulder conditions such as severe fractures, shoulder arthritis, avascular necrosis and bone tumors etc are the major causes of shoulder replacement surgery. This procedure provides the perfect range of motion when performed by experienced joint replacement specialists.

Advantages Of Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Easy and fast recovery
  • Full movement of shoulder
  • Resume daily activities after 2 weeks
  • No plaster cast after surgery
  • No stiffness or pain

Procedure Of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

This procedure of shoulder surgery is similar to that of hip joint replacement surgery. The ball and socket (or the inverted cup and saucer) shape of this joint makes it ideal for the replacement surgery. The damaged surfaces of the shoulder socket (glenoid cavity) are shaved off, the ball of the arm joint (head of humerus) is removed and replaced by the metallic ball with its peg. After checking the movement of the shoulder joint, the incision is closed.

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  • Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
  • Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment
  • Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
  • All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes
  • Emergency Treatment Available – Yes

You can book an appointment to get your shoulder pain accessed by the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi.

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