Urology & Andrology

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is formed when healthy cells in the prostate grow out of control and form a tumour.

Kidney Stone

Various wastes are dissolved in urine. Crystals arise when there is too much waste in too little liquid.

Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is a disease that starts in the kidney and happens when healthy cells in the kidney change and grow abnormally

Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy) is a condition where the size of the prostate gland is increased more than normal size.

Urethral Stricture

The main purpose of the urethra is to pass urine outside the body and this tube has an important role in ejaculation.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the formation of a malignant tumor in the bladder of the patient. It generally happens in elderly males (70 years and more).

Urinary Bladder Cancer

A human urinary bladder stores the urine and looks like a hollow muscular organ in the lower abdomen.

Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Surgery

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder pain is among the most annoying pains in the body. The rotator cuff (group of muscles) around the shoulder make it a more complex joint.

Ankle Replacement

Ankle Replacement Surgery is a less commonly performed surgery as compared to other joint replacements.

Arthroscopy Surgery

Arthroscopy is the procedure that diagnose and repair the soft tissues with just a needle like instrument.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a boon for people suffering from severe hip fractures in old age and chronic arthritis patients.

Knee Replacement

Knee joint replacement is the best treatment for severe and debilitating arthritis. The patient of arthritis often feels pain and stiffness which affects the mobility of the patient.

Bone Check Up

Bone mineral density test or commonly known as Dexa scan tell you the condition of your bones, the amount of calcium in them and the probability of osteoporosis.

Spine Surgery

Men and women of all age groups suffer at some point in life with back and spine problems. It can be back pain for a long period or an injury in the back or spine.

Sports Injury

A sports injury can happen to anyone while doing exercises or playing some sort of sport. One is more prone to injury

Pain Management

Pain can be annoying and debilitating. Sleep, work, activities, and quality time with friends and family may all be disrupted.

ENT, Head & Neck

Eardrum Perforation

Eardrum rupture is a small hole in the eardrum membrane (tympanic membrane) that can be due to any loud noise, infection


Sinus or Paranasal Sinuses are air filled spaces around the nose in the facial skeleton. They lighten the skull and provide depth to the voice.


Tinnitus is the buzzing, ringing, hissing sounds in the ear that keeps on bothering patient. Tinnitus can occur due to a wide variety of reasons


Tonsils are lymphoid tissue on both side of tongue in the back of throat. They respond to unhealthy substances ingested


Adenoids are immunity boosters in children but their functions lasts for first 3 years only. The adenoids help them fight with the regular infections in ear

Hearing Loss / Deafness

Hearing loss is a medical condition commonly seen with ageing. Although some other reasons of hearing loss can be many such as infection or trauma etc.

Nasal Airway Obstruction

Nose block could be done to a sharp bend in nose bone called Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS) or abnormal growth of tissue in nose.

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear implant (CI) is an electronic device surgically implanted in inner ear for patients with severe to profound hearing loss.

Sleep Apnea / Snoring

Snoring is the sound produced by upper airway during sleep. An obstruction in upper airway causes the walls of throat

Neuro Science

Neurology is a branch of medicine that studies, diagnoses, and treats disorders of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The brain and spinal cord comprise the central nervous system, while the somatic and autonomic nervous systems comprise the peripheral nervous system. 

Laparoscopy & General Surgery

Hernia Surgery

Hernia is the protrusion of the abdominal contents outside the abdominal cavity membrane through a weak area or tear in the abdominal wall.

Anorectal Conditions

The anorectal conditions such as anal fistula, piles or hemorroids, fissures, rectal prolapse etc are common in the seniors than in younger adults.

Appendix Surgery

Appendix / Appendicitis is a small worm like continuation of the intestine which gets inflamed sometimes, which is known as appendicitis.

Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery

Heavy weight and obesity is a powerhouse of other diseases, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. When the measures like weight loss diet plan

Gall Bladder Stones Surgery

Gallbladder is a small finger like organ that is situated near liver and collects bile. This bile is produced by liver and gallbladder acts as its storehouse.

Piles / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also know as piles are swollen veins in lower part of rectum and anus. They can be either external or internal.


A gynaecologist is a doctor who focuses on the reproductive health of women. They identify and treat problems with the female reproductive system. The uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts are all included.

A gynaecologist can help anyone with female organs. Eighty percent of individuals who see one are between the ages of 15 and 45.

Internal Medicine & Critical Care

Internal medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and diagnosis of adult diseases. An internist is a doctor who specialises in internal medicine and treats patients.


Oncology is the study of cancer. An oncologist is a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer. An oncologist may also be called a cancer specialist.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that aims to improve a person’s appearance, but it should be approached with caution.

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, with 15.1 million cosmetic procedures carried out in the United States in 2013, an increase of 3 percent on the previous year.


After an injury, disease, or handicap, physiotherapy aids in the restoration of mobility and normalcy in a patient’s life. A physiotherapy session includes manual therapy, as well as advice and counseling for the patient. Physiotherapy can help a patient of any age manage pain and avoid injuries or diseases in the future. In short, physiotherapy helps a patient develop and maximize physical strength, function, and overall health while also addressing the underlying difficulties.