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The most Common treatment options for premature ejaculation include medications, counselling sessions, some sort of anesthetics etc. Our Sexologist decides the best line of treatment after examining you thoroughly. In most cases, drug therapy mixed with behavioral / counselling treatment is be the best course for a men.

Behavioral techniques

Patient is trained on how to delay the ejaculation either by means of masturbation an hour before intercourse or diverting your mind in other sexual play activities so as to remove the pressure from sexual encounters.

Pelvic floor excercises

Pelvic floor exercises help strengthen muscles and help one overcome premature ejaculation issues. Our best sexologists will train you on pelvic floor exercises.

Pause-squeeze technique& Stop Start Technique

In this technique one has to stimulate the penis until he is ready to ejaculate.
One has to train his partner to squeeze the end of your penis, where the head joins the shaft, and squeeze for few seconds, until the urge to ejaculate passes and repeat the process as needed to improve PE.
After few practical sessions, one is trained on how to delay ejaculation and the technique is no longer required.
Another technique is stop – start technique where one has to stop stimulation of penis for some time if he feels ejaculation. This Start and stop technique helps a long way in fighting with PE.


Condoms might decrease the sensitivity in penis to some extent and helps delay in ejaculation. Few condoms have some numbing agents which helps in delayed ejaculation.



Anesthetic creams and sprays contain numbing agents viz, lidocaine or benzocaine which are used to treat PE. Such products can be applied some time before sexual intercourse to reduce sensation and help delayed ejaculation. All such drugs and ointments should be taken in consultation with your sexologist / andrologist as they carry their own potential side effects. These drugs are available in market.

Oral Medications

Many medications helps in delayed orgasm. At the same time none of the drugs are approved by US FDA to treat PE. Few medications are being used to give some relief in PE. These medications are prescribed either on demand or use and might be prescribed in combination with other line of treatment.

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors