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Premarital Counselling in Delhi, NCR & India

Pre marital counselling is a healthy and necessary step before entering in the married life. Pre-marital counselling sets your expectations right and makes you ready for the challenges that married life is going to give you. Centre of excellence of psychiatry and psychology at diyos is offering the best pre-marital counselling services in delhi. Book an Appointment here!

Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
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Meet the Best Pre-marital Counselors in Delhi, NCR & India

Diyos hospital is the best hospital in Delhi for pre-marital and sexual counselling. We take utmost care for our patients and we are well equipped with the latest technology for a world-class treatment. Expect the best care from Diyos!
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Benefits of Pre-marital Counselling in Delhi, At Diyos Hospital

The benefits of pre-marital counselling are innumerable, the counsellor listens to your queries patiently and answers all your questions without any hunch. A few benefits of getting the pre-marital counselling done are as follows –

  • To understand what to expect from your partner and understand the unrealistic expectations that can destroy a marriage.
  • To boost the couple’s confidence about marriage and help in taking the right decision
  • Pre-marital counselling warns the would-be couple against too much possessiveness and jealousy that can happen in a new marriage.
  • How the couple should behave with their respective in-laws in order to create a healthy relationship with them
  • The essential elements of a marriage are respect, love, affection, care and loyalty. The importance of these needs to be discussed with the couple.
  • The sexual questions are answered and the couple is taught to talk about their feelings to each other without hesitation.
  • The art of giving space to each other and keeping a breathing space is very important. This is also discussed with the couple at the time of counselling.
  • In these divorce-prone times, pre-marital counselling is a boon to set the expectations right and create divorce free marriages.
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