Patients Testimonial

My Penile Implant is fantastic, you did a wonderful job! If you need someone to give a feedback, I would be more than happy to give. Men with ED could be needlessly scared of getting an implant, thus for many years depriving themselves and partner of ability to have normal relations. Aside from the implant, Dr Vineet has given me new life and vigour – brilliant job!
Reza Ul Karim Rana (UAE)
Dr Vineet came in my life like a miracle. I have been suffering from ED since very long and consulted many doctors in my life, but I have not got the desired results. Dr Vineet’s assessment was excellent who suggested me to go for the three-piece malleable penile implant. My implant is excellent and has given me the unexpected results.
Abdul-Tawab (Afghanistan)
Erectile Dysfunction was a nightmare for me and I have tried all the medicine and injection and ended with short-term benefits. Through the internet, I came to know about Dr. Vineet and I went through the penile implant surgery which helped me to get back my confidence.
M. Jain (India)
A 32 year old software engineer, Rohit got married to Priya four years ago. But due to his diabetes of the past 7 years, combined with the long and stressful work hours of his job, he was unable to consummate the marriage.
Manjeet is 55 years old and had a fulfilling life and relationship with his wife so far. Over the few years he had to resort to medications/injectables to have a successful relationship. However of late even those lost their effect. He was feeling depressed about his loss of manhood.
At just 27 year of age, Naveen is not the typical picture that would come to mind for such cases. In childhood, he was unfortunately bitten on the penis by a dog. To repair the damage, he uderwent urethroplasty and phalloplasty surgery. When he wanted to get married he underwent penile prosthesis surgery and was able to perform sexual intercourse. He is now living happy married and sexual life.
Life is good again�? – I was suffering from severe shoulder arthritis in both shoulders and was recommended for both shoulder replacement surgery.. I did the surgery 5 months back and now I am back to normal routine work. Really thankful to Dr. Abhishek Bansal and all respective staff for taking care of me and my family
Mohd. Abdallah, Sudan
I don’t even realize that I have artificial knees now and now after 3 months of surgery, I almost do everything now. I walk, I work around. Physiotherapy helped me a lot to get better early. Thanks to Diyos and the team of doctors for making this possible
Brian, Australia
Quality of care was superb and results exceeded my best wishes. I came to Delhi on a medical visa and I underwent spine surgery at Diyos hospital last year. The entire journey right from investigations to my discharge from hospital was flawless and I personally recommend Diyos and my doctor to all people who require any help related to spine issues
Dyanch, Turkmenistan