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Best Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India

Enjoy the blessing of fatherhood with all the world class treatments available for infertility treatment at Diyos Hospital Delhi.
Male infertility is a condition where the male faces difficulties in making her partner pregnant. At Diyos Hospital, we have senior sexologists who are considered as the best male infertility treatment doctors in Delhi,NCR. Right from diagnosing the reason behind the infertility to treating it, all the facilities are available at Diyos

Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities     Available – Yes
Hospitalization Required – Depends on     the Treatment
Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

What are Male Infertility Treatment Options?


Some problems are treated by medications only. Those who fail to treat by medicine are treated by the following measures.


The sperms are retrieved by producing sine waves in rectum by a probe and thereby creating ejaculation. The semen is then collected and used for insemination process.


The treatment of this condition is done by a procedure called TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction). Diyos hospital is a specialised centre for TESE for treatment of male fertility in delhi.


The swollen veins are treated by doing an outpatient procedure and the swollen veins are either removed or tied. This boosts the number of sperm to a great extent which in turn treats infertility.


If the patient has gone through the vasectomy or sterilization surgery then it can be reversed to make the patient fertile again.

What are the causes of Male Infertility?

  1. Low or Absent Sperm Count in the semen – When the male’s semen has low number of sperm or the absence of sperms.
  2. Sperm Motility is low – The ability of the sperm to travel and reach the ovary of the female is known as sperm motility. When sperm transport is low then the chances of getting your partner pregnant decrease.
  3. Sperm Release/Ejaculation in the Opposite direction – This is one of the biggest reasons behind absence of sperms in the semen as the sperms ejaculate in the opposite direction in the male’s body. That means they are flowing inwards rather than outside of the urethra.
  4. Varicocele – When the veins inside the scrotum are swollen, it is known as varicocele. This prevents the free flow of sperm due to tortuous veins thereby leading to infertility in males.
  5. Erectile Dysfunction – ED or erectile dysfunction is one of the most common causes of infertility in males nowadays. As Erectile dysfunction disables a person to have a normal intercourse with his partner, due to which conceiving is not even an option.
  6. Obstruction in the way of Sperms – Sometimes there is an obstruction in the flow of sperms which can be due to any swelling, surgery, repeated infections or congenital. This is also a quite common reason of low sperm count.