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Best Urinary/Kidney Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India

Kidney stones are the crystals of different sizes and shape that cause pain in lower back and groin. These stones sometimes get lodged in the urinary tract and these are very painful for the patient. They block the urine flow which needs immediate treatment. To avoid such medical emergencies, timely treatment of the kidney or urinary stones is necessary.

The kidney stones can vary from tiny sand like particles to 30mm and more. The tiny sand like stones which are of less than 2-3mm are passed with urine flow after taking medicines and increasing the liquid intake. Whereas kidney stones of more than 3mm size require treatment.

Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities     Available – Yes
Hospitalization Required – Depends on     the Treatment
Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

Get Treated by the Best Urologist & Sexologist in Delhi, NCR & India

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Why Holmium Laser is the Best Laser for Kidney or Urinary Stone Treatment in India?


Lithotripsy with Holmium Laser for Kidney Stones

Ureterorenoscopic lithotripsy with Holmium Laser is the most advanced kidney stone treatment by laser in delhi and all over India. It is considered as the best laser option for urinary stones and bladder stones though, as the probe passes through the urethra.

The probe passes into the ureter through urethra and it breaks the stone into tiny particles by laser beam. These stone particles then come out of urethra by normal urine flow.

  1. One day or half-day hospitalization
  2. No cut or incision on your body
  3. Fastest recovery
  4. Stone removal happens by the urine stream

What is Shockwave therapy for Kidney Stone Removal?

Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL)– This treatment is highly effective for stone of upto 20mm of size. Extracorporeal means outside the body, so the shockwaves are given on the skin under the guidance of imaging. These shockwaves take stones as their target and they break them into tiny pieces or sand like particles. These sand like particles are then removed from the kidney and ureter by urine. This is a highly effective, affordable and non-surgical option of kidney stone removal.

  1. Diyos is proud of its latest ESWL which is a 4rth generation which can treat even the radiolucent stones which are not visible otherwise. This helps in making us more specific and treat the patient fully.
  2. Hospital Stay – It is an outpatient procedure, the patient is discharged the same day or the very next day most of the time.
  3. Faster recovery
  4. No cut or incision required.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for Kidney Stone Treatment

Commonly known as PCNL, this technique is used for bigger kidney stones. This is a minimal invasive approach and it requires a small incision near the back. A tiny incision of about 7 to 10mm is made and the probe is introduced in the body.The big stone is then broken into small stone fragments and then taken out.

  1. Requires hospitalization of about 2 days
  2. Patient can resume activities in 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Performed for unusually big stones
  4. Minimal Invasive treatment
  5. Faster recovery than open surgery

Signs that you need to see the urologist/Kidney Stone Doctor immediately

  1. Blood in the urine
  2. Excessive pain in groin, flank, lower abdomen or lower back
  3. Blocking of urine flow
  4. Fever, nausea
  5. abnormal urine color
  6. Frequent Urinary tract infections (UTI)

Diyos offers all kinds of latest technology, highly precise kidney stone removal treatments with their highest rated urologists. This is why Diyos is considered as the best hospital for kidney stone removal treatment in Delhi.