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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Delhi, India at Diyos Hospital

Kidney cancer is also known as the renal cell carcinoma. It is detected accidentally in most cases when the tests are done for any other disease. The cancer arises from kidney cells and it can spread to other organs if not treated promptly.

The treatment of kidney cancer is done by laparoscopic techniques now a days. This keyhole surgery removes only the cancerous part of the kidney and preserves the healthy part. These advanced surgical options prevent the need of removal of the whole organ thereby improving the quality of life of the patient.

Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities     Available – Yes
Hospitalization Required – Depends on     the & Treatment
Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

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What are Kidney Cancer Treatment Options?


Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

The symptoms of kidney tumor are not very peculiar to the disease. The symptoms are vague and doesn’t necessarily mean a cancerous growth. However you must get yourself checked by the urologists if any of these symptoms appear –

  1. Blood in Urine
  2. Cloudy Urine
  3. A palpable mass at one side of the abdomen
  4. Pain in the sides
  5. Fever, malaise, weight loss
  6. Hypertension
  7. Low hemoglobin(hb) levels
  8. Loss of appetite etc.

Stages of Kidney Cancer

  • Stage 1 – cancer confined to the kidney, size of tumor is less than 2.75 inches.
  • Stage 2 – Cancer cells are confined to the kidney, size of tumor is more than 2.75 inches.
  • Stage 3 – Cancer cells have spread to the lymphatic system. It has entered the adrenal glands and nearby fat cells.
  • Stage 4 – Cancer cells expand beyond the fibrous tissues and surround the kidneys. It has spread to other parts of organs as well.

Treatment Options for Kidney Cancer

The treatment of kidney cancer depends upon the stage,grade and extent of the cancer. First of all, some diagnostic tests such as blood test, CT scan, urinalysis etc are made to get a clear idea about the extent and spread of the cancer. The types of surgery can be either open or laparoscopic, we prefer laparoscopic surgery if the tumor has not spread much.

  1. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy – The damaged or cancerous part of the kidney is removed by inserted a laparoscope through a keyhole incision. This is a less invasive surgery, leads to less blood loss and ensures a faster recovery.
  2. Ablation – Some very small tumours are treated by the technique of ablation. This is performed in those patients who can not go through the laparoscopic nephrectomy due to age or any other health issues. This technique has a high rate of relapse though so frequent checkups are required.

Kidney cancer can be a very frightening term but if it is detected in the early stages then it can be treated fully. Diyos hospital is the best rated hospital in delhi for kidney cancer treatment, so expect the best in class treatment with great care.