Hearing Loss / Deafness Treatment Overview

Hearing loss is a medical condition commonly seen with ageing. Although some other reasons of hearing loss can be many such as infection or trauma etc. The Treatment of hearing loss is necessary in order to prevent permanent deafness.

What Are The Types Of Deafness?

Deafness is of two types : Conductive Deafness when sound is prevented from reaching inner ear by wax, ear drum perforation fluid or infection in middle ear etc. they can be corrected with medical and surgical treatment. Grommet Insertion, Myringoplasty and Stapedectomy are some of surgical options for conductive deafness.

Sensorineural deafness is due to disease of inner ear and cochlear nerve going to brain. Age, loud noises and congenital deformities are the common cause. Hearing aids are prescribed for hearing losses up to moderately severe. Severe to profound hearing losses require Cochlear Implant Surgery.

What Are The Causes Of Deafness?

  • NewbornCongenital
  • AdultsOtosclerosis middle ear infection
  • All Ageswax and noise induced hearing loss
  • ChildrenOtitis media with effusion
  • ElderlyAge related hearing loss


  • Keep ear dry
  • Regular cleaning by ENT Specialist
  • Use earmuffs in noisy environment
  • Evaluation of hearing in all new born babies.


  • Clean with sharp objects.
  • Expose to loud noises.
  • Prolonged use of insert earphone
  • Neglect ear discharge.

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