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Dr. Bobin Kumar
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Dr. Bobin

Dr. Bobin Kumar

Head - Anaesthesia & Medical Operations
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Dr. Bobin Kumar is a anaesthetist, possessing not only expertise in administering anaesthesia but also a profound understanding of hospital operations, emerges as a versatile medical professional.

Beyond ensuring patients’ comfort during surgery, he navigate the complexities of hospital workflows, coordinating with surgical teams and other departments. His role extends to pre-operative assessments, collaborating with surgeons, and postoperative pain management.

With a keen awareness of hospital protocols, he contribute to the efficiency of surgical processes, minimising risks and optimising patient outcomes. In emergencies, his quick decision-making and crisis management skills are invaluable.

Dr. Bobin’s dual proficiency in anaesthesia and hospital operations positions him as integral players in the seamless orchestration of surgical procedures, fostering a holistic approach to patient care within the broader healthcare ecosystem.


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