Endometrial Cancer Treatment Overview

Endometrial cancer is the cancer of the uterus lining cells. Uterus is the organ present in women that carries the baby, also known as womb. This type of cancer is detected in the early stages due to the symptoms like vaginal bleeding. However regular screening after menopause is advised to catch the disease before its spread to other organs.

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Symptoms Of Endometrial Cancer

  • Pelvic Or Lower Abdomen Pain
  • Abnormal Discharge From Vagina
  • Weight Loss
  • Bleeding From Vagina
  • Irregular Periods
  • Loss Of Appetite

The treatment options of endometrial cancer are

Treatment of breast cancer depends upon the grade and stage of the cancer. The most common treatment options for breast cancer are

  • Uterus Removal Surgery (Hysterectomy) :Uterus is removed in order to remove the cancer from the body. The fallopian tube and ovaries are also removed thereby making the women infertile. The surgery is known as hysterectomy and the female will undergo menopause after the surgery due to absence of uterus.
  • Radiation Therapy : Radiations are given either internally or externally to destroy any cancer cells left after removal of uterus. External radiations are focused on the uterine area from a machine, internal radiation therapy is provided by keeping the seeds like radiators in the vagina.
  • Hormone Therapy : It is given to reduce the estrogen in the body and increase the progesterone levels. This prevents the recurrence of cancer.
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  • Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
  • Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment
  • Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
  • All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes
  • Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
  • Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

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