Eardrum Perforation Repair / Treatment Overview

Eardrum rupture is a small hole in the eardrum membrane (tympanic membrane) that can be due to any loud noise, infection , trauma or any other infection in the ear. The eardrum rupture if not treated well in time can lead to permanent hearing loss in the affected ear. The timely treatment prognosis is complete recovery in most cases.

Signs and Symptoms of A Ruptured Eardrum

  • Pain In The Ear
  • Pus Or Blood Discharge
  • Decrease In Hearing Ability
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus Or Buzzing/Ringing In Ears

Causes of Tympanic Membrane Rupture

  • Loud noise
  • Falling on the ear
  • Harm, blow or trauma on the ear
  • Sudden pressure changes such as airplane travel, scuba diving etc.
  • Long standing ear infection can create pressure on the membrane with all the pus and fluid which can lead to a break in the eardrum.

Treatment of Eardrum Perforation In Delhi

The treatment depends upon the extent of membrane rupture, which your ENT specialist will decide. Some of the commonly opted treatment methods are :

  • Medicines : The medication helps to treat the infection and provide the ear a better environment to heal. The smallest tear get healed of their own with the medication support.
  • Temporary Paper Patching : Sometimes patching the perforated eardrum is required to accelerate healing. This paper patch helps in healing the tear faster.
  • Tympanic Membrane Surgery : This is opted when no other treatment works, the soft tissue patch is taken from a donor site and it is then stitched to the tear area, it is known as tympanoplasty.

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