Arthroscopy Surgery / Treatment Ovrview

Arthroscopy is the procedure that diagnose and repair the soft tissues with just a needle like instrument. Arthroscopy is a minimal invasive surgery which is preferred by most of the sports persons due to its faster recovery process. A big needle like instrument along with a camera is inserted into the joint through a small hole and repair is performed under its guidance. This revolutionary technique is very effective in treating meniscal tears, ligament tears, scar tissue removal and other soft tissue repairs.

Advantages of Arthroscopy

  • Minimal Invasive
  • Early Recovery
  • Best For Sports Injuries
  • Day Care Procedure
  • Faster Repair

Procedure Of Arthroscopy Techniques For Sports Injury Treatment

The arthroscope is inserted inside the joint through two keyhole like openings. This instrument has a camera attached to it. This tiny camera starts showing the inside tissues which the orthopedic surgeon can see on the computer screen. The surgeon then navigates the instrument according to the camera guidance. The repair is then performed after locating the target tissue such as ligament or meniscus etc. The repair is then performed and the arthroscope is taken out, after which the incision is closed.

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  • Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
  • Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment
  • Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
  • All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes
  • Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
  • Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

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