Anorectal Conditions Treatment Overview

The anorectal conditions such as anal fistula, piles or hemorroids, fissures, rectal prolapse etc are common in the seniors than in younger adults. The treatment of all the anorectal conditions is available at Diyos, the best hospital for anorectal conditions treatment in Delhi. The treatment of all these diseases are done by laparoscopic, minimal invasive techniques. This leads to a faster recovery, less blood loss and shorter hospital stay of the patient

Anorectal Conditions Treated At Diyos Hospital Delhi

  • Anal Fissure
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Miscellaneous Rectal And Anal Diseases
  • Piles Or Hemorrhoids
  • Rectal Prolapse

Anal Fistula Treatment In Delhi, Diyos

Anal fistula is an abnormal link formed between the anal canal and the skin of the anal area. The condition is painful, especially while passing stools or sitting for a longer period of time. The reason behind the fistula can be passing hard stool, surgery, anal intercourse or digital insertions in the anal area.

Treatment of anal fistula is done laparoscopically, the procedure is known as Minimal Invasive Anal Fistula Treatment or MAFT. In this laparoscopic procedure, the fistula is traced by the laparoscope with the help of a camera, the link is cut and the internal opening of the fistula is closed. The fistula tract is destroyed to prevent it from recurring.

c procedure, the fistula is traced by the laparoscope with the help of a camera, the link is cut and the internal opening of the fistula is closed.

Piles Or Hemorrhoids Treatment In Delhi At Diyos

Piles or hemorrhoids are the lumps of soft tissues in the anal canal that have their own blood supply and they bleed while passing stools. Piles can be of two types, internal and external, the internal ones have no symptoms except the bleeding while the external ones can be felt near the anal opening.

These hemorrhoids develop due to chronic constipation and creating excessive pressure on the anal sphinctre to get the hard stool out.

Treatment Options Of Hemorrhoids

Mild hemorrhoids get treated of their own with the lifestyle changes, high-fibre dietary consumption and medicines.

Moderate hemorrhoids are treated with laser surgery that is a very fast and safe procedure. The laser removes all the hemorrhoids without bleeding. The patient can resume his/her daily activities after 24 hours.

The severe cases of hemorrhoids are treated laparoscopically with the staple surgery. This is a perfect treatment for severe hemorrhoids as it offers faster recovery and less pain as compared to the open surgery.

Anal Fissure Treatment In Delhi At Diyos

Anal fissure is the tear in the skin of anal area due to constipation and resulting pressure with dry stool. The fissure is a painful condition and it can be very discomforting to pass stools. The treatment options are

Conservative Treatment : Medicines, stool softeners, lifestyle changes, high-fibre diet and healing agents are given to promote healing and minimise the discomfort.

Surgical treatment : Laparaoscopic surgery is performed to relax the anal sphincter and promote healing. Sphincterotomy is performed due to which the fissure heals faster and there are least to no chances of recurrence with this surgical option.

Rectal Prolapse Treatment In Delhi At Diyos

The rectum falls out of anal area is known as rectal prolapse. This condition can occur in anyone but it is common in children and elderly people. The reason behind it can be by birth defect, nerve weakness and rectal muscles weakness etc.

The treatment of rectal prolapse is surgical and at diyos, it is performed laparoscopically to ensure faster recovery with least blood loss.

Rectal Approach : The loose tissue is excised laparoscopically and the rest of the tissues are sutured together. This is a simple surgery with good results.

Abdominal Approach :A very small incision is made in the abdomen and the laparoscope is inserted. The rectum is then reattached to its place thereby treating the prolapse, it is known as rectopexy for rectal prolapse. Sometimes rectopexy is accompanied by resection of a part of the intestine to cure constipation.

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  • Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
  • Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment
  • Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
  • All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes
  • Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
  • Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

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