Steroid Abuse - A Rising Threat or A Boon?

  • 05-11-2021
Steroid Abuse - A Rising Threat or A Boon?

That overwhelming feeling of competing and then winning with a fit fine body is just incomparable and when you have the easiest source like an anabolic-androgenic steroid to turn this into reality, who would give a second thought. The steroids have come out as a hope for athletes and bodybuilders who are looking forward to boosting their athletic performance.

While the cases of steroid abuse are common amongst the individuals who are actively into playing professional sports, the one seeking out these steroids are not them. It is not legal to prescribe anabolic steroids for reasons like improving the athletic performance, selling them, distributing them and consuming them without any appropriate reasons. Even thought it is illegal, people still don’t deter from misusing steroids for their personal favours and usage even when they are not associated with any kind of sports or athletic activities.

The steroids are known as the performance improving drugs taken by not just bodybuilders or pro-athletes but anyone who is willing to try illegal and potentially dangerous stuff to improve their body looks. Steroids are used by students, high school teenagers, college students and even young boys who wish to grow body muscles in a very short span of time.

While many gets lured by the impressive benefits of consuming anabolic steroids, the pace in which steroid abuse is going, there seems no ending to it in the near future. Even when the harmful side effects of these steroids is much more than its benefits.

Are Steroids Really Addictive?

You must be wondering,” If steroid abuse is really a thing” or “Are the steroids really addictive”?

The anabolic steroids are an artificial version of the testosterone, a male sex hormone which is the reason why the steroid consumption is so high in demand. There are few legitimate medical conditions when doctors prescribe the steroids to the patients. Conditions like muscle wasting treatment in AIDS patient, anemia, delayed puberty, low testicular functioning and much more require steroid as medication.

No wonder, anabolic steroids are addictive and their continuous misuse can alter the chemical and psychological state of an individual. And with some time, the dependency on these drugs also increases making it difficult for an individual to stop taking it.

Symptoms & Side Effects Of Steroid Abuse

Here are the common symptoms to check if you or someone you know is a part of steroid abuse, know them, and provide a better output for the same.

Physical Changes

  •  Unusual muscle mass growth
  •  Greasy hair/oily skin
  •  sudden breakouts as acne
  •  Bad breath
  •  Excessive hair loss
  •  Appetite changes
  •  Joint pain

Psychological Changes

  •  Extreme mood swings
  •  Bad decision-making
  •  High aggression
  •  Irritating nature

These Are Just The Symptoms Of The Steroid Abuse, But To Know The Harmful Effects It Causes, Check The Side-Effects Below:

  •  Breast development in men
  •  Painful erections
  •  Shrunken testicles
  •  Low sperm count
  •  Infertility/Impotence