Shock Wave Therapy Treatment in Delhi NCR, India

Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LISWT)

LISWT has been used earlier for treating and healing fractures or inflamed tendons, but this is now being used widely in treating patients of erectile dysfunction, especially with vasculogenic ED. Andrologists suggest LISWT a better option for men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction who had success with PDE5 inhibitors medications. For patients who wish to avoid medications, LISWT is an ideal choice.

Shock Wave Therapy Treatment in Delhi NCR, India

How Do LISWT Works?

  •  The probe is used to deliver shockwaves on the penile area for approximately 15 to 20 minutes with approximately 2000 to 2500 shocks per sitting/session. The entire procedure is carried out in OPD and is painless and doesn't require any anaesthesia.
  •  The procedure is safe and has no side effects on the patient. Usually, 6 to 8 sessions/sittings are prescribed by a doctor for better results.
  •  Two sessions are carried out in a week, thereby completing the entire sessions in 3 to 4 weeks.
  •  The energy used in LISWT leads to new blood vessel formation and improved blood flow across all vessels in the penis, thereby creating a better erection than before.

Who Is A Better Candidate For LISWT?

Men with mild to moderate vasculogenic ED along with some response to PDe5 inhibitors and ideal patients for shockwave therapy. Men with psychological disorders and those who had undergone any surgery for nerve damage don't respond to this treatment.

"Right counselling to the right candidate" - it's a zero-risk treatment with surprisingly good effects.

Results After LISWT

Success in LISWT is defined as if a person having no erection earlier can penetrate now. Approximately 60% of the patients do feel better erections post LISWT and the results are durable for at least 10 to 12 months.

According to research in India, 130 men with ED were asked to stop using PDe5 inhibitors, such as Viagra etc. Out of 130, 40 patients were given PDe5 inhibitors, while the rest 90 patients received LISWT sessions. Post-trial, the result showed a scant improvement in patients with PDe5 inhibitors, whereas 3/4th of the LISWT men have erections sufficient enough for sexual intercourse.

Who Can Be Benefited From LISWT?

  •  Patients with ED
  •  Patients with premature ejaculation
  • Patients with peyronies disease
  •  Patients with prostatitis & pelvic pain syndrome