Penile Implant (Prosthesis) Surgery in Delhi NCR, India

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting half the men above 40 years of age. It can be because of stress and other psychological factors or due to organic disease such as diabetes or atherosclerosis.

Treatment is usually started with tablets and the majority of men respond to it. In some cases, intrapenile injections are used. Penile implant surgery is reserved for those men that do not respond to conservative therapy.

Penile Implant (Prosthesis) Surgery in Delhi NCR, India

Penile implants are of two types, malleable and inflatable. Inflatable penile prosthesis can be two or three-piece devices. They offer a complete cure to the patient and an almost natural feeling in terms of return of function. They are associated with highest patient and partner satisfaction in these groups of patients.

How Does A Penile Implant Work?

Depending on your specific situation and need, there are three main types of penile implants that can be considered:

One-Piece Prosthesis ( Malleable Or Semi Rigid)

This is the simplest type of penile prosthesis, also known as malleable penile implant or semi-rigid implant. It consists of a pair of cylinders that are surgically inserted into the penis. The prosthesis is positioned up for intercourse or down for everyday activities

Two-Piece Inflatable Prosthesis

This consists of a pair of cylinders implanted in the penis, and a small pump implanted in the scrotum. You simply squeeze and release the pump several times to inflate the prosthesis and bend the penis to deflate it.

Three-Piece Inflatable Prosthesis

Features a pair of cylinders implanted in the penis, a pump implanted in the scrotum, and a reservoir implanted in the lower abdomen. When the fluid is pumped into the cylinders, it creates an erection that provides rigidity and girth expansion

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