Best Hymenoplasty Treatment/Surgery Hospital in Delhi Ncr

Hymen is a tissue which partially or completely covers the opening of vagina. The membrane can be thin or thick. Hymenoplasty also known as Hymenorrhaphy is a restoration or construction of a woman's hymen. It is also referred to as revirginization Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to restore or rebuild the hymen. Women seeking to get it done have several physical or psychological reasons behind. Some have cultural beliefs which prove the purity to their partners. Some want to give the same to their partners as a virginal experience on a wedding night or special occasion, where few go for hymenoplasty to enhance their sexual pleasure as it also tightens the vaginal muscles giving the added benefit of more sensation. Women who have undergone some sexual assault and now wants a restoration to have a psychological comfort and healing.


Hymenoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. During the procedure the surgeon creates hymen by using the body's own vaginal skin. After surgery, there might be slight bleeding for initial 48 to 72 hours which is quite normal. Entire healing process takes approximately 4 weeks. There are no visible signs of surgery on the body and it's hard to differentiate a natural or reconstructed hymen post-surgery.

Few complications which may arise during or post surgery are : Abnormal bleeding, inflammation, itching, little pain or vaginal discharge which is present in few cases and get healed up in due course of time.