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Hernia is the protrusion of the abdominal contents outside the abdominal cavity membrane through a weak area or tear in the abdominal wall. Hernia is more common in males and this bulge can be seen in many positions around the abdominal cavity. The senior, obese and weigh-lifter males are more prone to hernias. The best treatment of hernia is laparoscopic surgery that is minimally invasive and ensures faster recovery of the patient.

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Hernia Surgery Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India

What Are The Types Of Hernia

  •  Inguinal Hernia : This is the most common type of hernia present predominantly in males. The bulge is present in the groin area in the lower abdominal wall.
  •  Femoral Hernia : This is more common in females and happens during pregnancy or childbirth in most cases.
  •  Umbilical Hernia : It occurs when the abdominal contents protrude through the umbilicus. This type of hernia is more common in infants.
  •  Other less common types of hernias are hiatal hernia, Ventral incisional hernia, paraumbilical hernia and epigastric hernia etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hernia

The symptoms of hernia can be quite obvious as they are very typical of the disease.

Some of the most notable symptoms of hernia are

  •  Feeling of something coming out or giving way in the abdomen
  •  Heaviness or palpable lump near the groin or naval area
  •  The extent of the bulge changes while changing positions such as lying down or standing
  •  The abdominal wall feels weak while coughing, laughing, lifting heavy weight etc.
  •  Dull aching pain in the lower abdomen (may not always be there)
  •  Nausea
  •  Constipation

What Are The Types Of Hernia That Are Treated At Diyos Delhi

  •  Inguinal Hernia
  •  Hiatal Hernia
  •  Epigastric Hernia Etc.
  •  Femoral Hernia
  •  Umbilical Hernia

Best Treatment Of Hernia In Delhi At Diyos Hospital, Delhi

The only treatment of hernia is surgery, it can be of two types, laparoscopic and open surgery. The best option among the two is laparoscopic surgery due to its advantages over the traditional surgical approach.

  •  Laparoscopic Surgery : In this keyhole surgery, a camera and laparoscope in inserted in the body through a small incision. The treatment is thereby performed with this minimal invasive approach. This Surgery takes less time, leads to less blood loss, smaller incisions, cosmetically better scar and provides faster recovery. This is why it is the best hernia treatment in Delhi, India and worldwide.
  •  Open Surgery : This conventional approach creates a bigger incision and takes more time in recovery. Although this approach is also equally effective in repairing the hernia.

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery In Delhi At Diyos - Things To Consider

There are a few things to consider regarding the laparoscopic approach for hernia treatment. Some of them are

  •  Small hernias have a better prognosis than the larger hernias
  •  Alcohol, tobacco and other smoking habits must be avoided before and after the surgery
  •  Healthy lifestyle and fat-free diet needs to be followed
  •  A healthy weight needs to be maintained in order to prevent the recurrence
  •  Follow up must be maintained as per the doctor's advice

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  •  Surgical Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Hospitalization Required - Depends on the Treatment
  •  Privacy Protected Treatment - Yes
  •  All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available - Yes
  •  Emergency Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Same Day Appointment Available - Yes