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Hair loss has become one of the most common problems in young males and females. Balding at a young age can be very stressful for the patient as it hampers the physical appearance to a great extent. Best treatment for hair loss in delhi, India is Hair transplant, PRP and mesotherapy. However, the mild cases of hair loss are treated with medications first. Those who fail to respond to medications are given the best treatment options available in India for hair loss. Diyos hospital is the best hospital for hair loss treatment in delhi. If you are experiencing hair fall then consult the best hair fall doctors in delhi without delay. Book Appointment here.

  •  Surgical Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Hospitalization Required - Depends on the Treatment
  •  Privacy Protected Treatment - Yes
  •  All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available - Yes
  •  Emergency Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Same Day Appointment Available - Yes
Baldness/Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi, NCR India

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Main Reasons Behind Hair Loss

  •  Stress
  •  Hormonal Imbalance
  •  Anxiety
  •  Medication
  •  Genetic

Hair Fall Treatment In Delhi, India At Diyos - Hair Transplant In Delhi

The hair loss is mainly in the crown and front area in most cases. Hair transplant is the best treatment for hair fall so far. In the hair transplant treatment, a patch of hair is taken from the donor site and they are then implanted around the hairless scalp. The newly grafted hair then take a few days to heal and start growing on that area.

This is the fastest and one of the most successful treatments for hair loss in India. Things to consider about Hair Transplant Treatment

  •  The procedure is a minor one but we advise you to follow the doctors advice religiously
  •  Take a rest for a day or two before resuming your work
  •  It is an outpatient procedure and almost painless due to the anesthesia
  •  Don't apply any cosmetic product on your scalp unless advised by your dermatologist.

PRP Therapy For Hair Loss Treatment

This is a supportive therapy to treat hair loss or baldness. It can be given solely in the mild cases of hair loss or in combination with hair transplant in severe hair loss cases. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected in the scalp to initiate hair growth.

Things to Consider about PRP

  •  Patient's blood is taken and is processed in the lab
  •  The platelet rich plasma is taken out from the blood and injected in the scalp.
  •  Being his own blood, there are no chances of rejection or infection
  •  PRP has been proven to be a very effective hair growth treatment

Mesotherapy For Baldness/Hair Loss

This is a simple treatment that includes injecting the vitamins and minerals inside the scalp to increase hair growth. These injections increase the blood flow of scalp and boost the collagen production thereby improving the hair growth.

Things to consider about Mesotherapy

  •  Just one injection in two weeks in given
  •  The type of injection and medicine varies from patient to patient depending upon the severity of the problem
  •  4 to 6 sessions are required generally

Diyos hospital for men's health is the centre of excellence for hair loss treatment in Delhi, India. The best dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons in this hospital provide the best care and treatment you need. Find out which treatment is best for you, Book an Appointment here to get all your queries answered!