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From the mouth to the anus, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a 25-foot-long passageway. Everything you consume goes via the oesophagus and is digested to extract nutrients in the stomach and small intestines. The waste is eventually eliminated from your body via the colon and rectum. When aberrant cells are caused by a change in the DNA, a tumour might arise in one of these organs.

Men are more likely than women to get gastrointestinal malignancies, and the risk increases with age. These malignancies have been associated with cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, and poor diets in studies.

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Gastrointestinal Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of gastrointestinal cancer vary, depending on the type of cancer. Symptoms may include:

  •  Abdominal pain and discomfort
  •  Change in bowel habits
  •  Rectal bleeding
  •  Bloating
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Nausea and vomiting
  •  Unusual weight loss
  •  Fatigue

Gastrointestinal Cancer Causes:

The causes of gastrointestinal cancers include:

  •  Smoking
  • Too much alcohol consumption
  •  Age
  •  High animal fat diet
  •  High amount of salt intake
  •  Chronic pancreatitis
  •  Obesity
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer Diagnosis

    If a patient has symptoms and the doctor suspects gastrointestinal cancer, examinations like Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, lab tests (MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan or PET scan) and Biopsy.

    Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

    When the tumour is easily accessible, surgery may be all that is required. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or targeted therapy may be used first when it's difficult to reach or removing it would have a major impact on gastrointestinal function.

    The tumour and surrounding tissue are completely removed during surgery. A surgery termed anastomosis may be used to reconnect the remaining healthy sections of the oesophagus or stomach to restore function. Some people with liver cancer may be candidates for transplantation.

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