Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi NCR, India

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction can happen to men of all age groups, especially beyond 40 years of age. Sexual Dysfunction leads to many problems, viz, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders and inhibited sexual desire, low libido, etc.

Male Sexual Dysfunction could be because of physical or psychological problems where sexual satisfaction among couples lacks.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi NCR, India

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the most common sex problem, where men have trouble building and keep an erection firm enough to do sexual intercourse. Following reasons are listed, when ED can happen:

  • With stress or emotional reasons
  • When patients have limited flow of blood in the penis or there's nerve damage
  • Because of heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Clogged blood vessels etc.
  • Sclerosis
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Low Testosterone
  • Due to prostate cancer or enlarged prostate

Symptoms of ED

Patients having ED find it difficult to build and keep an erection sufficient enough to have sex with a partner.

Studies reveal that men with ED are prone to heart attacks, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. They have low-self-esteem, distress and depression.

Causes of ED

ED can cause various health issues, some of the risk factors include:

  • Above 50 years of age
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Usage of drugs & alcohol
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension (HTN)

Physical Causes


  • This can cause vessel disease or nerve damage in the penis
  • When the penis cannot hold enough blood for an erection
  • When there is not enough blood in the penis
  • Cancer treatments near the pelvis might affect penis functionality

Emotional Causes

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Worry about sexual performance


Diagnosis is very important in the case of ED patients to rule out exact treatment options. Proper health and ED history have to be taken before proceeding for further tests and examination.

Physical Examination:

Physical examination of the penile area and genitals is done to check ED.


  • Blood test for hormones & testosterone
  • Penile Doppler to see blood flow in the penis
  • HBA1C / Sugar tests
  • Urine tests to see signs of diabetes

It is also important to screen patients having depression, stress or any other psychological problems. Treatment is started by experts depending on the cause and severity. The risks and benefits of all treatments are explained to the patient.

Oral drugs help patients in increasing blood flow in the penis. Few US FDA approved drugs are used in ED treatment

  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil
  • Sildenafil Citrate

Any drugs to be used strictly under the expert supervision of an Andrologist/ Sexologist. For better results, one can take these drugs about an hour before sexual intercourse. 70% of men perform better post drug usage and have good erections, whereas patients having diabetes and cancer respond low to such drugs.

Few common side effects of such drugs (PDE5 Inhibitors) are: -

  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle cramps
  • Facial flushing

Testosterone therapy is suggestive to patients with low levels of the hormone (testosterone). It is also recommended to patients in combination with other therapies/treatments.

Vaccination erection devices, known as penis pumps are used to get a good erection in some patients. In this procedure, a tube is placed over the penis and the pump is used to create a vacuum that pulls blood into the penis. Post erection, a plastic ring is placed at the end of the penis to hold the blood to maintain an erection for approx. 30 minutes. Possible side effects include bruising of the penis and restricted ejaculation because of the ring.

  • It is one of the modalities to treat patients having ED issues. In this procedure, Alprostadil is injected on the side of penis by an Andrologist or trained physician for the 1st time and the patient is then trained to take self-injections at home.
  • Erections are usually firm enough for 30 to 45 minutes. To treat ED, a combination therapy known as Biomix or Trimix is used and has become a standard treatment.
  • The erection may last longer in some cases post-orgasm and is one of the side effects of ICI. Prolonged erection for more than 4 hours may lead to priapism and permanent damage to penile nerves. The same has to be reversed in time by an antidote in the hospital.

Penile prosthesis/implant surgery is a permanent solution for patients suffering from ED and who has not responded well to either oral drugs (PDE5 inhibitors) or by self-injection therapy.

There are two types of penile implants available :

  • Semi-Rigid Implant
    • Semi Rigid or bendable penile implant is made up of silicon and the silicon rods give the penis the firmness required for penetration. These implants can be bent downwards for peeing and upward to have sexual intercourse.
  • Inflatable Penile Implants
    • 3 Piece inflatable penile implant: It involves placing 2 cylinders in penis with an inflatable pump in the scrotum along with a fluid-filled container or reservoir in the abdomen. When we squeeze the pump or button placed in the scrotum a few times, the fluid in the reservoir moves into cylinders causing an erection. Deflate button is used post sexual activity which makes the penis flaccid. The main advantage of a 3-piece inflatable penile implant is that it has a natural feel and erection and one feels comfortable even with a flaccid penis.
    • 2 Piece inflatable penile implant: This is very much similar to a 3-piece inflatable penile implant and works similarly. However, instead of a separate fluid reservoir, the fluid is kept within the pump in scrotum. The two-piece inflatable penile implant is not as rigid as compared to 3-piece inflatable implant on erection but has a good erection for satisfying sexual intercourse. Cost of treatment is also less as compared to a 3-piece inflatable penile implant.

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