Body Cosmetic Surgery Hospital - Breast, Arm, Liposuction Treatment in Delhi, NCR India

Everyone wants a perfect figure and a perfect body shape. Flabby arms, inappropriate sizing of the breast area and loosened fat tummy are everyone's nightmare. Fortunately, medical science has the solution for all your problems and can give you a perfect shape that you have always dreamt of.

Dr Rohit Krishna, the cosmetic surgeon at Diyos is a highly skilled and experienced doctor for tummy tuck, breast augmentation surgery, liposuction and male breast reduction treatments etc.

  •  Surgical Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Hospitalization Required - Depends on the Treatment
  •  Privacy Protected Treatment - Yes
  •  All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available - Yes
  •  Emergency Treatment Available - Yes
  •  Same Day Appointment Available - Yes
Body Cosmetic Surgery

Get Treated By The Best Cosmetic Surgeon In Delhi, NCR & India

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What Cosmetic Surgery Treatments Are Available At Diyos, Delhi

  •  Arm Tightening/Brachioplasty
  •  Breast Lift/ Mastoplexy
  •  Tummy Tuck
  •  Breast Augmentation Surgery
  •  Liposuction
  •  Breast Size Reduction

Flabby Or Sagging Arm Skin Treatment Or Brachioplasty Or Arm Lift

The loose skin on the upper arm gives a bad cosmetic appearance. It is seen more commonly in patients who have lost weight recently, as the skin becomes loose and sags. The arm lift procedure includes the removal of excess tissue and skin thereby providing a tight, younger looking arm.


  •  Younger looking skin
  •  Tightened arm tissues give a better cosmetic appearance
  •  Loose fat and skin is removed
  •  You can go home the same day after surgery


  •  Scar on the inner side of the arm from elbow to armpit
  •  Patients who have undergone breast removal are not a candidate for this procedure
  •  Those who have not lost fat yet can have better results with liposuction