Best Anal Fistula Treatment/Surgery Hospital in Delhi Ncr

Anal fistula is a small tunnel which develops between end of bowel and skin close to anus and happens because of infection near anus or nearby tissue. Infection results in abscess formation which is drained surgically through the skin. Anal fistula forma a tunnel under skin and connects with infected gland.

Anal Fistula


  •  Redness
  •  Swelling around anus region
  •  Severe pain
  •  Painful bowel movements along with bleeding
  •  Fever


Physical examination is normally required by an anorectal expert. He will look for signs of oozing fluid and bleeding from that area. Colonoscopy is needed to diagnose better in patients suffering with anal fistula.


In 99% of cases, medication is not advisable to fix anal fistulas, hence surgery is needed to fix it. Laser treatment for fistula is the best treatment for anal fistulas now a days. Hospitalisation is normally for 1 day with faster recovery. Fistulotomy is another choice of treatment where a cut is made in fisutla’s internal opening and infected tissue is flushed out. Channel is flattened and stitched in its place.

For severe and complex fistula surgeon may remove some of the channel and in such cases two to three stage treatment is required where prominent sphincter muscles has to be cut or if entire channel is missing and not traceable.